Structural Repairs to Defective Buildings

Cinamon Building Solutions 

Your house is your biggest asset.

It makes no sense to ignore structural defects, treating cracks and subsidence issues cosmetically.
We investigate the cause and address that properly---- and the symptoms go away permanently.

This includes underpinning the structure where foundations have failed for various reasons.
Most structural defects we correct are the result of bad building, where sound building practice has been compromised.

However, in some cases, the structure is built in an area where clay is prone to shrink and expand with the seasons, causing movement.

Where internal walls have been built on top of subsiding floors, instead of having independent foundations, manifesting in cracks, doors jamming, or not closing, we have jacked the internal walls and underpinned them.
Notice the door frame before correction, and the corresponding restored frame. It can be done so that your investment is sound, and your building secure.

Living in a house with cracks and subsidence issues is not protecting your interest long term, especially if your structure is deteriorating.
Polly filler and paint only serve to treat a symptom, the problem will reappear when the rains come again, and the cause manifests itself again.


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